Why You Should Buy Followers On Instagram

Why You Should Buy Followers On Instagram

There are many reasons why you should buy followers on Instagram.

The perception of popularity can mean everything in regards to helping get real followers on Instagram.

The irony is you need fake followers to get the attention of real followers.

There are a few things to be aware of if you buy Instagram followers, such as, to do it in small increments to start with and to maintain matching engagement levels.

Perception Is Everything

Just like in the real world, you have to put yourself out there to become more popular.

Publicists are busy getting tabloids to feature their celebrity clients in a bid to make them seem famous.

Even if their client isn’t yet a buzzworthy celebrity, if enough tabloids photograph them buying their morning coffee, people will think they are super famous and important and start paying attention to them.

Buying followers on Instagram has the same effect.

If you buy 1,000 followers to double your number of followers, people will consider you to be twice as important.

People place value on other people’s interests and opinions – if other people are interested in your Instagram account, perhaps they should be too.

It’s how you respond to this new attention that really matters.

If you get them interested in you but then don’t offer them anything interesting to engage with, chances are they’ll go back to ignoring you.

Be Reserved

If you are starting up your Instagram account and have only a few hundred followers, don’t start out by buying a million new followers.

This will not only look fake but Instagram has a team dedicated to weeding out fraudulent activity such as this, and it could result in your account being suspended.

Keep your buying in moderation.

Start out with a few hundred, which will set you back under $10.

The risk of being flagged by Instagram is very low if you buy followers in moderation and otherwise follow Instagram’s best practices.

This makes buying followers have pretty much no major downside.

Match Your Engagement

Brands look at the number of followers when they’re looking out for a potential new partner, however, they place more value on the number of likes and comments per post.

So, these need to be increasing with the number of followers.

Never fear, you can buy likes and comments too.

Likes are relatively cheap, but comments are more expensive.

This makes sense considering more time and effort goes into adding comments that appear authentic.

Certain places offer a full service and will have your new followers liking and engaging with your posts.

This is perfect if you need something to save you time and just want that initial bump in followers and matched engagement levels.

Buying followers on Instagram is a great way to help businesses, brands, and individuals to initially build up their client or fan base.

Keep it looking real, i.e. don’t buy thousands of new followers if your account is small, and make sure your posts are increasing in likes and comments to match.