How Do You Make Money On Instagram?


Some people join Instagram to show their friends and family what they’re up to, others want the world to see how amazing their cavoodle, Waffles, is.

But for some, it’s a way to make money.

With some of the top influencers on Instagram earning six-figure payments for sponsored posts, it’s easy to see why you might want to join their ranks.

Even micro-influencers earning $50 a post can be a lucrative side-hustle.

Going down a business route is also a great option, 80% of users follow a business, 60% of users discover new products on Instagram, and people on Instagram are 70% more likely to make purchases on their mobile device.

So how can you make money on Instagram too?

Become An Influencer

Ok, this one has to be the first on the list but not necessarily the easiest to accomplish.

If you have more followers, companies will pay you to use, plug or mention their product in your posts.

Starting off at 1,000 followers can be enough to get a few deals for free products and small payments but if you really want to make money, take a look at this article to get more followers and up your Influencer game.

Remember that brands tend to partner with influencers that operate within the same niche as them (with a few exceptions of course), so plan ahead when building up your profile and followers.

It’s extremely important to know your audience so you know which brands would best fit your followers.

Become An Affiliate

Being an affiliate means you can sell other people’s products and get a commission.

The difference between an influencer and affiliate is that influencers generate awareness of a brand or product and affiliates work to make sales in order to receive a commission.

Affiliates make money on Instagram with a promo code or trackable link.

Create engaging posts to promote the products organically.

At first, it can be challenging, but as you grow your following there are a number of ways to expand your presence and business on Instagram and through a website, and other marketing or social media channels.

Sell Prints Of Your Posts

If you’re regularly posting high-quality photos of your latest adventure or sketching amazing cartoons, you can cash in on this and offer them as product for your followers.

It doesn’t have to be limited to just prints, some artists offer their work as tattoo templates, mugs, stickers etc.

If you’re a photographer, you don’t have to limit yourself to just prints.

Some of your followers are likely budding photographers too.

Selling your custom filters, presets or even an ebook on how you capture your shots can be another way to make money from your hobby.

Sell Your Own Physical Products

If you have a brick and mortar store or an ecommerce store, you can sell any of your physical products through Instagram.

This does require stocking inventory, meaning you’d need some startup capital to buy your first products.

Alternatively, you could try dropshipping – a business model where you can run a store without ever holding inventory.

Once someone buys one of your products, the supplier will ship the product directly from their warehouse to your customer’s door.

Find A Sponsor

If you are a top performer in your niche, whether that’s fashion, art, being a mum, or cliff jumping, there will be companies out there willing to work with you to promote their brand.

Sometimes, if you have a big enough following, companies will contact you directly.

However, it never hurts to tag them in posts or reach out to them first.

Having a big brand behind you – giving you free products, paying you for posts or getting you to do guest takeovers on their profile – is another lucrative way to make money on Instagram.

Build Up Your Following!

All of the methods above show a different way to make money on Instagram, however, the key is often having enough followers in the first place.

Creating a good reputation through consistent, high-quality posts is the first step, check out this article for more tips on how to get more followers and build up your own Instagram business.