Automation Vs. Buying Followers

Automation Vs. Buying Followers

Running a business or representing a brand in the modern world requires a social media presence.

It’s how you draw customers or clients to your website.

In order to build up these connections and relationships on social media, you need to maintain a strong social media presence.

Often, we don’t have time for this kind of upkeep, which is why many brands opt for some kind of automation on their Instagram account.

Rather than simply buying followers, it helps you keep a more authentic relationship.

Here’s why it’s better to automate than to buy Instagram auto followers.

Automation on Instagram

There are only so many hours in the day, and the more followers and success you have on Instagram, the more engagement you need to keep up with.

More relationships to nurture, more posts to like, and more comments to respond to.

This is where automation comes in.

While it’s important to remain organic in your interactions, unless you have a huge team dedicated to your social media activities (not always possible, financially speaking), automation is a good option.

An Instagram bot used for automation can be employed for any purpose – from auto-likes, auto-comments or anything that can be done in advance on a schedule.

It’s like programming auto-pilot and then you can sit back and get on with other tasks while the bot takes over.

This is a real timesaver, especially if it’s something repetitive and mundane, that doesn’t really require a human touch.

Having your account interact with others more than you could do will help get more followers and help boost engagement levels on your content.

It could also drive more sales if more people are engaging and clicking through on your content.

Many brands reuse the same posts over and over again in a bid to widen their reach, and keeping track of what you’ve used, and when to use it again can be time-consuming.

Automating this can take another thing off your mind, to let you get on with other things.

Certain Instagram platforms let you schedule posts to reuse content without having to do any of the reposting yourself.

By uploading your post to this platform, it will randomly reuse your posts at different times on different platforms in order to try and maximize reach.

Other platforms allow for a more targeted approach, requiring you to program the automated system with exactly what, where and when you want to be posted.

Automation Precautions

Make sure to always manage your bot effectively to ensure your actions don’t appear spammy, as this will put potential followers off and you risk lower engagement levels as a result.

Set limits when automating your bot, on things like the number of likes, how recent the posts are your bot is engaging with and not following too many users at once.

Any excessive behavior could get your account flagged for spam as well as putting potential clients off.

There is a possibility that your bot will miss some accounts that could be interesting to you, so make sure you are still interacting on your Instagram account.

The bot can do the boring labor, and you can still add an authentic human touch.

Buying Instagram Followers

When you simply buy Instagram followers, there is no guarantee they will engage with your content.

In fact, it’s less likely they will engage in your content as they are often fake or inactive accounts.

Mostly people buy Instagram followers when they are starting out as a quick way of getting themselves noticed, or to maintain their level of followers if they experience a drop.

While it can be useful to buy followers in a bid to attract more followers and create your audience on Instagram, focusing on your whole account rather than just number of followers is going to be more beneficial in the long run.