What Is An Instagram bot?

An Instagram bot, or Instabot as they’re also known, is an automated service acquiring users more followers on Instagram.

They can also be used to get more likes on photos and views on video posts.

Your Instagram success is basically measured by how many followers you have and how many likes your posts are getting.

It’s this reason why so many users turn to bots to help them succeed on social media.

Types of Bots

There are different ways bots try and increase your followers on Instagram.

One way is by having bots access your account in order to follow, like and comment on random users posts, in a bid to get them to follow your account in reciprocation.

Other Instabots create hoards of fake accounts which in turn follow your account, as well as like, view and comment on your content.

Some bots are programmed to use your account to comment certain generic phrases or emojis on any posts using certain hashtags.

For example, you could tell your bot to comment with a heart emoji face on any photos with the hashtag #love.

Liking only bots are an option to consider if you don’t want bots commenting generically on your behalf, in case they create an awkward situation with an inappropriate or irrelevant comment.

They can only comment with what you’ve programmed, they can’t read context.

Target Your Bot

Make sure any bots you’re using are correctly programmed, and that your account has high-quality content.

If people suspect a bot and click through to your account to see little content or low-quality content, there is no way they’ll interact with you or follow your account.

The idea of a bot is to drive traffic and engagement, to make this effective you need to ensure once people are landing on your profile that they want to stick around.

High-quality content and a great Instagram feed is the way to do this.

The bot also needs to be programmed to interact appropriately because if people receive an irrelevant interaction to one of their posts, not only does it make a very poor first impression but it’s a waste of time and energy on your part because the bot isn’t going to generate any growth in followers.

Followers Increase Followers

While there is much debate in the social media world on whether you are better off using bots or not, you can’t deny that the more followers you have, the more you get.

If you see someone has 50,000 followers versus another account with 100, you’re more likely to follow the account with more followers because you think it’s more worthy.

Everyone else has followed them, so they must be worth following, but no one is following the other account so it must not be worth following. 50,000 people can’t be wrong, but 100 might be.

If you’re considering using an Instagram bot to boost your number of followers and number of likes, make sure you’re still posting high-quality content so try and engage the new followers.

Using a bot is great to build up initial followers or maintain a high level of followers but keep your Instagram goals in mind at all times.

You’ll save time not having to scroll and visit individual profiles or trying to generate new leads as the bot will do this for you.