Create The Perfect Instagram Profile

The key to creating the perfect Instagram profile is a combination of things – an easily identifiable username, a recognizable profile picture, an informative but interesting bio, a relevant link, and a consistent stream of high-quality photos/videos/GIFs and Stories. Instagram accounts are automatically set to Public, meaning anyone can view your profile, and this is exactly how you want to keep it if you’re using your account for business. Don’t think your profile matters? Think again! Users make a decision about your profile in two-tenths of a second, so if you want to get more followers on Instagram, you really do need to create the perfect Instagram profile.


The best type of username is one that is easy to search, recognize and one that people will remember. Using your business name is a great choice. If your business name is already taken as a username, try various combinations adding in words that represent your brand. For example, if the username @Starbucks was taken, you could try @StarbucksCoffee; or @Gucci was taken, you could try @GucciClothes or @GucciDesigner. Once you’ve decided on your username, stick to it, unless your business undergoes a big rebrand.


As well as a username, which is used in all tags and mentions, your profile requires you also submit a name. Your name appears under your profile picture and when people search for you, it appears under your username. It’s important here that you add in your full business name to help people search for you and know what your full name is, rather than just your username. It makes your profile seem more official but also more personable. Your name and your username are the only criteria that make your profile searchable, so these are really important for visibility.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is important because it forms a big part of a potential follower’s first impression of you. As one of the first things they see, due to being displayed so prominently, it should be something easy to recognize, and consistent with any other social media outlets you’re using. It can be a photo of yourself if you’re an Influencer, or a company logo if you’re a business. When selecting your photo, keep in mind that Instagram crops it into a circle and a minimum picture size is 110 x 110 pixels. Once uploaded, check that your photo isn’t stretched or blurry.

Profile pictures are more interchangeable than a username, which should remain the same. If there is a special season or trend, feel free to change up your photo to reflect this. For example, during Pride Month or Christmas you can create a temporary picture to reflect the season. It doesn’t have to be the entire photo, it could just be an element, such as adding in a rainbow background for Pride or snowflakes for Christmas.


The bio is a maximum of 150 characters and should include information to let people know what you’re about and why they should follow you. Make sure to incorporate who you are and what you do, be informative but also add a splash of personality so you don’t seem bland. People are more likely to follow you if you seem like a real person rather than a business. The bio section can also include hashtags, calls to action and a link. Hashtags encourage engagement by giving your audience a hashtag to use in their photo captions. Calls to action could give an incentive for users to tag you in their posts, and the link could be to your website homepage or to your latest update. Many people update the link here each time they post something new on Instagram. This directs consumer traffic more specifically around your website, perhaps to a new blog post or new products you’ve mentioned. Aside from Stories (which disappear after 24 hours), your bio is the only place on Instagram to add links. It’s recommendable to add in your email address, so potential clients/consumers have a way to contact you directly.

Photo Feed

After you’ve decided upon your username, written your bio and created the perfect profile picture, it’s time to think about curating the perfect photo feed. When users are considering following you, after they’ve read your bio and seen your profile picture, they are going to check out your photo feed. If they like what they see, they are likely to follow you. High-quality photos are a vital aspect of Instagram. Anyone with a smartphone can take mediocre photos, think about how to set your account aside from the rest. Creating high-quality posts comes down to three things: being interesting and relevant, a well-shot photo, and good editing.

Subject Matter

To keep the ‘insta’ in Instagram, the subject of your photo has to be relevant. Nobody would be interested in a photo of Christmas Day posted a week late, no matter how beautiful, cute or hilarious the photo was. It’s also valuable to consider your target audience and what they want to see. If you have a young audience, don’t post a photo of bingo night, post a photo of glow in the dark golf or snowboarding stunts. Comedy is another way to go, keep the image high quality but add in a witty caption to match and these are sometimes the most memorable and most shareable, a brilliant way to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

Good Photography

Spend some time learning how to take good photos. Experiment with different perspectives, take photos from up high or down low and see what works best for your subject matter. Creating a focal point can be important, don’t have too many things going on in your shot. The grid option on your smartphone helps with taking better photos. Add this in and place points of interest along these lines for a more balanced photo which encourages people to interact more naturally with it.

Good Editing

There are filters and basic editing tools available on Instagram, but these aren’t usually enough to create images of a high enough standard. Use at least one other photo editing app before you add them to Instagram. It takes practice but once you get the hang of it, it should be a quick process. All your photos should be somewhat similar in form, so they look good together when viewed in your profile. This means once you’ve found the right editing tools, it’ll be a breeze to edit future posts. Keeping the formation and colors similar makes your profile more attractive to users, meaning you’ll get more followers on Instagram.

There you have it, how to create the perfect Instagram profile. The username should come pretty naturally from either your name or your brand’s name, keep it simple and recognizable so people can easily find you and follow you. The trickiest part is writing the bio, keeping that balance of informing potential followers and enticing them in with your personality. Creating the perfect photo feed to complement the rest of your profile is a work in progress and in time should look beautiful and encourage everyone who visits your profile to follow you on Instagram.