Why real followers are better than fake followers

To understand why real followers are more important to growing your account than fake followers, it’s essential to first understand the benefits of buying followers.

The main, and really, only, benefit to having fake followers is that an established account with 10k followers rather than under 100 is much more likely to be followed by prospective users.

You can also gain access to tools such as the “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram Stories with at least 10k followers. This allows you to now add links to your stories, a feature previously only available to verified users.

The only issue with this is that if your 10k followers are fake, no-one is going to be swiping up on your links.

Of course, growing real Instagram followers up to the same 10k level will take significantly longer than one transaction.

However, there are plenty more benefits to why active Instagram followers are better for your account, even at far lower levels.


Real Instagram followers engage and promote organic growth

Active users engage with your account through likes and comments, shares, using your branded hashtags and interacting with your business outside of Instagram – that includes clicking through links on your posts and swiping up on stories.

Having fake followers is obvious when looking at your post engagement – 10k followers and only 100 likes is a clear sign to users that you have only bought your popularity. This can have a large impact on your credibility to other users, just viewing your account as a scam or an account relying on underhanded methods to sell its brand. According to research, the trustworthiness of influencers and accounts is the main dimension that explains purchase intention of users.

It’s not just that other people can see you’ve bought your followers, higher engagement on your posts is a key performance indicator to Instagram’s algorithm that your post is ‘good’ or ‘popular’. This increases the chances of your content being featured on Instagram’s search and explore page.

Instagram doesn’t just look at followers engaging with your profile, it also looks at how you interact with your followers – something you can’t do with fake accounts. Make sure to respond to comments and create a conversation.

Engaging with your account means that your posts become visible to those users who are interacting with you. These accounts are more likely to have followers who are interested in the same things and, therefore, interested in your brand.


Fake followers negatively impact your account

Although there are a couple of benefits to buying followers, the potential adverse effects they bring with them can far outweigh the positives.

Instagram does a lot of purges. How is your account going to look to your followers if your account numbers suddenly drop when you lose those 10,000 followers? If you try to avoid this you can get stuck in a cycle of buying those followers back every time Instagram removes them – a needless waste of money.

Low engagement on your posts can really affect your reputation. Other accounts looking for legitimate influencers or users will just skim past yours if you have 10k followers and only 150 likes on your posts.

Having fake followers will not grow your account. One of the key methods to increase your followers is being able to reach users with similar interests in your account. Fake users follow random Instagram accounts and rarely, if ever, get their own followers. This means that your posts aren’t going to be displayed to people who have any interest in what you have to offer. Only genuine users can do this.

Buying followers is also against Instagram’s terms of use. If it’s obvious to other users that you have bought your fake followers then Instagram may suspend your account for the breach. This is possibly the worst thing that can happen. How can you promote and grow your brand and reach new followers if no-one can view your account?


The benefits of genuine followers far outweigh the advantages of fake followers

In conclusion, fake followers provide a small boost to your account but the reputational and operational risks could spell disaster for your credibility. Using methods to get real, active Instagram followers is the key to organic growth and increasing your Instagram likes and followers.

We hope you found this useful and took some useful tips away with you to help you grow your Instagram account.